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Advertising with HOMEMAKERS Reaches Further – Infographic

Advertising with HOMEMAKERS reaches further
Advertising with HOMEMAKERS Has Never Made More Sense

There is no better time to consider advertising with HOMEMAKERS.

FNB’s latest economic report shows an HPI growth from 3.44% in December 2021 to 3.64% in January 2022.

This steady growth is highly indicative of an upswing in home improvement to follow in the second quarter of this year.

Don’t let your business, service or company fall into obscurity. Advertising with HOMEMAKERS will lift you out of the supplier crowd and ensure you stand out.

Let us help you get to the top of every homeowner’s go-to list.

HOMEMAKERS Celebrates 40 Years In The Industry.

HOMEMAKERS is synonymous with better exposure. Our product offering is vast and we can help you every step of the way in your business endeavours. We offer clients many options to make advertising with us affordable and rewarding. We know how to get the leads.

Let us guide the way and make for a successful and prosperous 2022!

Added Digital Features

Get mind-blowing value-added services when you sign up for three months. You will also feature on our very busy website in the form of an online business listing. Your advert will be placed in our DigiMag with a readership of 82,500. Our digital magazine has been a great success since its inception in early 2020.

Extra Deals

Sign up for six months and get 6% off. When you book for 12 months you get a 12% discount. Get an added 1% discount for every added region you run your advert in.

When you advertise consistently your brand awareness and credibility grows. Commit to your brand, commit to your customers.

Advertising with HOMEMAKERS means that your name reaches:

82 500 digital reach through subscribers and clicks on social media.

290 000 print editions.

That’s a staggering total reach of 372 500 potential clients!

Growth across all house Price Index (HPI) brackets means that thousands of homeowners are ready to invest in home improvements.


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Don’t delay – choose HOMEMAKERS today.