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5 Steps to Ensure You Get the First Call

Some traditional marketing methods still work and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Traditional Marketing Works

Chances are if someone comes up to you in the middle of the night and asks: “Who you gonna call?” most people over the age of 15 would instantly answer: “Ghostbusters!” Now that’s just good, old, traditional marketing right there!

And that is exactly what you want for your business.

Here’s The Deal:

If someone needs a roof fix, a tile job, electrical work or installations of all and any kind, whatever field of work you are in, you want your business to be first and foremost in customers’ minds when they need help.

A lot can be said for digital and online marketing, but don’t overlook some of the more old fashioned marketing tools that you can quite easily implement to give your business the brand recognition required for “First Call”- status.

Fridge magnets, key chains and all those other promotional items might feel outdated but actually still have an enormous impact.

Many people, particularly the older, home-owning generations, don’t necessarily head to Facebook the moment they are looking for a recommendation.

Dividing your marketing sources and not neglecting the low-tech parts of physical marketing can give you a head start with these customer bases.

If your refrigerator has just stopped working, who better to call than ABS Appliances and would you look at that, the number is already on the fridge magnet you got from them a year ago.
Electrical gate issues? Gate motor packing up? Reach for that handy key chain with the contact details of Mr Gate Man that you’ve been using for your garden shed keys.

We are not disputing that traditional marketing might not make sense for every business, but there is value in it, and it should not be overlooked

How Do I Get My Business “On The Fridge”?

The best way forward is to link your physical marketing items with some sort of promotional drive.

Instead of just handing out leaflets at intersections, add a key chain or a license disk holder. People don’t need a license disk until they NEED one, and then suddenly all the roadside vendors are fresh out.

Speak to your local athletics clubs or market day organizers and set up a stall at the entrance or finish line. Then, get creative!

If your business is outdoor–entertainment focussed (pool/braai/patio), get small tubes of sunscreen, and slap on a sticker with your name and details. “We’ve got you covered”

Plumber? Give out small, branded bottles of air freshener (it’s bound to cause a giggle) or even hand soap or sanitiser – “leave the dirty work to us”

Electrical? Tiny LED light key chains with your information – “for when life goes dark”.

Create Real Brand Awareness

Physical marketing and hand out-promotional material can work to spread brand awareness, and in particular, help boost the profile of localised businesses within a community.

People love getting something for free. Just ensure that whatever you hand out has some longevity. There is no value to the action if your sunscreen makes it into their handbag or bathroom shelf, but the contact details rub off within a week.

Traditional Marketing WorksAny marketing campaign that you spend money on is a gamble but is usually worth the expense.

Creating brand awareness is a multipronged approach, but it shouldn’t just be limited to the digital sphere. Take a step back into the real world and watch your business grow!

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