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5 Reasons Why Newsletters are Good News


HOMEMAKERS’ newsletter – The WeeklyFix will get the leads to YOU

Half of the world’s population—4.3 billion users—will be email users by 2023. Small businesses and content marketers can benefit from e-mail newsletters in many ways. Brands may establish trust, awareness, and revenue by connecting with readers on a regular basis.

1 Lead The Leads Your Way 

Before making a purchase, customers often need to experience a product or service multiple times. The easiest way to repeatedly reach out to potential consumers is by building an email list. 

74 percent of consumers, outweighing all other contact methods, prefer to communicate with brands via email, according to a SendGridreport and Statista data. Among them was social media. 

2 Keep Them Coming Back For More 

Long-term subscribers who are actively engaged have grown familiar with and devoted to your brand. This group of people is the one you can count on to stay as clients. 

3 Less Money, More ROI 

The affordability of e-mail newsletters is one of the most basic reasons why they are so useful. E-mail marketing is one of the least expensive methods of promotion. 

4 Include Discounts and Special Deals 

E-mail is the ideal channel for informing clients of limited-time deals. A successful strategy to significantly boost revenue during a short-term campaign is email marketing. Regular clients will begin to look forward to seasonal sales and will gladly take advantage of your email offers. 

5 Data At a Click 

One of the most crucial pieces of information your brand will analyze is email marketing statistics. It displays your open rate, subscribe rate, and the most often visited links. Brands may find out through A/B split testing what language and imagery motivates their subscribers to make a purchase. 

Not all newsletters are equal 

A lousy newsletter can be easily created using the templates that email marketing providers provide. But the actual content is a different matter. To draw in potential customers, brands must consistently produce quality content. 

The good news is, HOMEMAKERS employs professional writers with expertise in your industry. HOMEMAKERS provides busy professionals access to vetted newsletter writers who can make your brand stand out. 

The WeeklyFix will fix your marketing problems 

The WeeklyFix incorporates home improvement tips, tricks and advice while suggesting vetted suppliers and experts to get the job done. 

Deliver your brand to 21 000+ readers passionate about home-related content. 

Subscribers receive home information and inspiration in this weekly newsletter, which means they never have to go searching for their renovation fix. One click leads them straight to your brand. 

HOMEMAKERS’ WeeklyFix gives subscribers all they need to know about: 

Home improvement & Renovations 

Décor & Trends 

Profiles of SA’s most inspirational homemakers 

Best practice & Advice in and around the home 

Gardening & Landscaping 

Craft & DIY 

Wanderlust and Travel 

Debates and Reviews 

Send your brand in one expertly curated package, directly to their inbox. 

Advertising opportunities 

Client Feature 

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Rate per issue:  R2 800 

Client Highlight 

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Rate per issue:  R1 600 


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Rate per issue:  R1 200 

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