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Year End Party Do’s and Dont’s

You can be the most reliable employee ever, but the moment you step onto that table to dance at the year-end function, all your good work disappears and suddenly that’s all anyone will remember (until next year at least). So, make sure that’s not the image stuck in your colleagues’ minds for the entire 2022!  To keep you from embarrassing yourself, we’ve come up with a handy list of do’s and don’ts to keep you off of the office WhatsApp group.

year end party

Let’s Get Down to the Do’s

Pitch up for the party. It’s been a wild 18 months, with many lows and everybody deserves to come together at the end of it. Just be lekker man! 

Stick to the invited guests. If you don’t get a plus one, don’t bring one. If the invite says no kids, plan accordingly. Hosting year-end functions are expensive, and this isn’t the moment to impress a new date. 

Offer to help set up or clean up. This is obvious. The person who planned the party probably wants to get home as well. Don’t leave them to do the clean-up alone.  

Keep an eye out for any colleague who might be in trouble. Year-end functions are a hotbed for inappropriate advances. Be a nice human and keep an eye out for this. If you see someone looking uncomfortable or being trapped by an overbearing work acquaintance, calmly walk up to them and insert yourself into the conversation. If needed, find some reason to invite the uncomfortable person to walk away with you. Trust us – you’ll be thanked later! 

 What to Avoid

Overdo it. (This goes for drinks, food, and perfume.) Being violently drunk is the first step to seasonal notoriety and also a sure-fire way to lose the respect of your colleagues. The same goes for being a glutton and hogging all the best food and wearing so much perfume that no one can stand getting close to you. Moderation is key. 

Dress inappropriately. If the invite says smart casual, don’t wear a three-piece suit. If it’s a black tie, ditch the jeans. Dress codes are there for a reason. Let your hair down but keep your pants on! 

Discuss politics or religion. This is not the place to give your opinion on religion or to try and convince people of the merits of vaccines (or not).

Don’t ask, don’t tell when it comes to these things keeps the pleasant social interactions flowing.

Forget to wear your mask.  We’ve been doing it for nearly two years. Don’t fuss, and don’t make your end function a super spreader event just because you can’t keep your mask over both your nose and mouth.  

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