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Why a Good Logo Matters

Here at HOMEMAKERS 1000s of adverts pass through our eyes. That’s a large part of our business after all. We see companies with great potential but their branding and their logo design are simply not doing them justice.   

Creating a logo may not be on top of your agenda, but it’s an integral component of making your brand successful. A good logo will make a good first and lasting impression. It shows a level of professionalism, fosters brand loyalty, creates consistency and in turn makes an emotional connection with your customers.  

logo design

Initial Branding   

Successful branding is about telling a story that will influence customers for years to come. The Nike icon or golden arches of McDonald’s are very recognisable but also, they are plain and simple. Logo design forms part of a company’s brand, it serves as the foundation on which your entire brand is built.   

Logo elements like colours, tones and font set the stage for the story your business tells. These elements will also translate from your logo onto all of your marketing materials like websites, letterheads, business cards, landing pages etc. This will create a concrete, marketable brand identity.    


An article published by The Business Review in 2020 says, “We live in a world where companies exist on various platforms, such as social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When creating a logo for your business, it needs to be rubber-stamped everywhere to make an impression. Having some sort of consistency is vital for ensuring your company is properly represented, regardless of where it appears. Consistency helps keep your business relevant, establishes your reputation, and maintains your message”. 

A logo is so much more than just an image behind your business’ name. This point of recognition for customers and potential new customers is important from a visual perspective. Ideally, you want people to recognise your logo, then remember your name.     

Building Trust   

Logos that spark interest and positive feedback are key. Regardless of how big your operation is, a logo acts as an important foundation for your company’s branding. Imagery has a magical way of making a lightbulb go off in a customer’s head. They see your logo and they remember exactly what it is you do and what you stand for. For example, a bank would want traits such as stability and personalised services to come through in their logo, where web designers may want to portray innovation and being cutting edge in their logo.   

The Logo Maven shares these important tips. “The way a logo conveys trust to the customers is to design the logo in such a manner that it can communicate the company’s trustworthy traits. Achieving this may be a little bit tricky and it will necessitate the designer to use their skills in nonverbal communication to bring out the company traits effectively. The basis of the logo should be to communicate the desired traits of the company. All companies have different trustworthy traits and if these are portrayed in the logo, then customers will have some trust in the brand”. 

Time for an Update

If your logo has been working, this simple rule applies – don’t fix something that is not broken. If, however, you feel like your company has outgrown your logo, there are a few things to consider. When people see a logo that looks outdated, they can assume your business is out-of-touch with modern business practices. A good rule is to review and then possibly update your logo once every five years. 

Having a logo that represents your brand won’t hurt your business, but an old generic or dusty logo could turn off potential new leads. 

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